What to Pack

Central European weather can be protean, hot and muggy one day, cool and rainy the next. One should be prepared for both extremes. However, PSP participants almost always over-pack. Understand that a group of writers needn’t impress one another with sartorial splendor! I recommend that you bring enough clothes for a week, and simply wash everything each week that you’re in Prague. Many Sundays I’ve greeted PSP students on the 22 tram descending the serpentine hill towards Mala Strana, where we all would do our laundry at a favorite American-style Laundromat (see the Orientation Booklet for details).

So, I recommend that you bring:

  • A week’s worth of clothing (including underwear) suitable for summer; t-shirts and shorts are ubiquitous among the locals. You may wish to bring one outfit suitable for a more formal night out on the town (a dress shirt and slacks, a skirt and blouse, etc.)
  • A sweater and/or light jacket.
  • A collapsible umbrella (though a better idea may be simply to purchase a cheap one in Prague as needed)
  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes
  • A big, fluffy towel (the dorm-issued towels are more suitable for washing dishes!)
  • A laptop with a plug converter (one may find the latter in most stores specializing in electronics; they’re available in Prague, but can be difficult to find and are more expensive)
  • Copies of student work for the first and second workshop sessions. Precise instructions will disseminated a few weeks before the program begins.

Do not bring a lot of cash. Rather, use the ATMs at the airport to acquire cash for that first taxi ride to the Hotel Inos.

This should go without saying, but you should bring your passport! See the Orientation Booklet for instructions regarding your passport.