The Prague Summer Program runs from June 30th to July 23rd . There will be three two-and-a-half hour workshops on each of the three full weeks (depending on the number of participants, the workshop may be multigenre or seperated into poetry and prose). Faculty and guest readings are an important pedagogical aspect of the PSP; all of them are followed by long Q&A sessions which serve as an extension of the workshop. The program also includes tours of Prague, optional fieldtrips, and “lecture walking-tours” on literary and cultural topics to ficilitate students´ exploration of the city. Finally, we explore the mind-body connection through optional classes of yoga and shamanism, which provide both respite and inspiration. We see it as important for you to have time to write in Prague as well. That is why weekends are generally free.

See last year´s PSP 2017 schedule for a closer look at the program structure. Bear in mind that what you don´t see on the schedule are the hours of independent studies, which are often impromptu sessions scheduled on an individual basis; our smaller size allows for extra attention and spontaneity.

In this section, you will also find important general information on the application processacademic credit, and tuition as well as our faculty.