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Jordan McCord asked 1 month ago

Suggestions from Mark Slouka
Short Story:  Raymond Carver – Chef’s House
Example of free, indirect voice: Jane Austen –Emma
Czech Fairytale: Ostanek
Song: Jackson Browne – The Next Voice You Hear
Words of Writing Wisdom:
Write small, write intimate, small telling details that pierce the heart
Past tense is great for story telling
Jaimy Gordon:
Novelists to read:  Octavia Butler, Elizabeth McCraken, John Hawkes
Words of Writing Wisdom:
Avoid “as” phrases, Latinate words, writing about crying
Writing exercise recommendation: write a story with one syllable words only
Patricia Hampl
Novel: William Trevor – My House in Umbria
Novella: F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Diamond is as Big as the Ritz
Short Story: Ian McEwan –Dussel
Writing words of wisdom:
When giving information don’t ever help the reader, avoid psychosocial categories when creating characters
Suggested writing exercise: Write your autobiography. After you are finished ask yourself the following questions:
What words did I use?
What did I forget?
What am I glad I put in?
What did I leave out?
Stu Dybek
Suggested reading:
Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens
Dean Buonomano–Your Brain is a Time Machine   
Short story use of the “epiphany”: James Joyce – Dubliners
Writing words of wisdom: When you write, go where there is no language
Tom Wolfe’s Four points:

  • Construction
  • Dialogue
  • Status Detail
  • POV

Suggested writing exercise: An elderly woman with a shopping bag and a sailor are sitting on a park bench. Write the dialogue of the scene. Tip: Don’t start with, “Hi.”