We are currently looking for work which is somehow related to your PSP experience, whether its work you improved during the PSP or work inspired by Prague or your trip to Europe.

Submission guidelines

  •  12-point font, double-spaced, any length (but be reasonable)
  •  in the header of the document include your name, the year you attended the PSP, whose workshop you were in during the program, and the genre of your submission
  • at the top of the document, include: your biography and a brief description of how your piece relates to your experience in Prague (note that the bio and description will be published along with the piece)
  • send submission to Ema Katrovas (ema.katrovas@gmail.com). The pieces will be selected by Richard Katrovas and this year´s PSP faculty.

We will be accepting submissions throughout the year. The deadline for being published on July 24th, 2018, when Meluzína goes live, is June 30th, 2018.

Note: We encourage you to share work with us that you have already published and which we may link to on our site or copy with the proper citation; this will provide publicity for both you and the publication in which you published. The same guidelines would apply to such an application as above, except that you would have to let us know in the submission that it had been previously published (name of publication, year published etc.) You should, of course, clear your intention to publicize previously published work with the publication, first.