Why is the Prague Summer Program the World’s Best Residency for Writers?

  • Beginning in 1993, the PSP was the first study-abroad program for writers; we’ve learned how to blend creative writing and culture studies in a way that enhances the creative process.
  • The PSP is tethered to one of the world’s safest, most beautiful, most culturally rich cities.
  • The PSP is the best organized program of its kind in the world.
  • The PSP is the least expensive program of its kind in the world.
  • The PSP works with home institutions in the granting of academic credit.
  • No one is invited to join the PSP whose work doesn’t show promise.
  • The PSP mentors strike a balance between honesty and compassion.
  • The PSP offers significant financial assistance in the form of partial scholarships.
  • The PSP honors all aesthetic and philosophical points of view that are compassionate and life-affirming.