What to Prepare for Workshops

Bring two selections of prose or poetry and send one of the two to Richard Katrovas by May 25th; he will disseminate that work ahead of everyone’s arrival in Prague so that the workshops may be focused and productive from the outset. The second will be workshopped later or discussed in conferences. While we will be able to print materials during the program, we welcome your editing on your laptop and sending your comments electronically (in which case, bring a laptop, USB, and adaptor for use in class – see “what to pack.”)

Guidelines for Workshop Submissions


  • 12-point font
  • double-spaced
  • 1-inch borders
  • preferably Times New Roman (i.e. no funky fonts)
  • header which includes page numbers and your last name  

Length per Submission

  • Prose: 15 pages
  • Poetry: 3 pages

A note on workshops from program director Richard Katrovas:

By the middle of the second week, the workshop will transition from addressing past work to addressing work composed over the first ten days or so of the program. Such “fresh” material will likely be inchoate, unfinished, indeed, “raw.” It will be evaluated as such; workshop members will be asked to speculate as to an unfinished, “fresh-from-the-noggin” piece of writing’s potential, and to venture advice regarding both form and content, as well as tone and attitude. Over the past twenty-five years, it is such material that has been the most exciting to watch develop and which has subsequently been most often polished into published work. (Note: See our blog post which talks about writing during the program.)

The PSP workshop will be but one aspect of our PSP 2018 community, and I’m reminded of my favorite paradoxical assertion, that the goal of humankind should be the achievement of “maximum individuality within maximum community” (Ernest Becker’s formulation of a Kantian sentiment.)

Each mentor will deploy her or his own teaching style. The workshops will be intense yet comfortably so, and all sensibilities will be honored.

There’s more to say about workshop etiquette and structure, and each member’s responsibility. We´ll address these concrete particulars at orientation on July 2nd.