If you have questions about the program we are happy to answer them. Questions about the application process, academic credit, and tuition should be directed to Richard Katrovas at katrovas@aol.com. Questions about lodgings and life in Prague should be directed to Ema Katrovas at ema.katrovas@gmail.com.

Our mailing address is: 

Richard Katrovas

686 Lake St. 

Kalamazoo, MI



Phone Numbers for Use in Prague

Richard Katrovas

US: +1 (269) 267 5404

CZ: (+420) 792 387 809

Ema Katrovas (coordinator) 

CZ: (+420) 603 563 351 

Anna Katrovas (assistant) 

CZ: (+420) 604 614 300

Ella Katrovas (assistant) 

CZ: (+420) 733 412 787

Privacy Policy

All of the information collected by the Prague Summer Program for Writers and its representatives is used solely for the purposes of planning and providing an excellent educational experience abroad. We do not sell, share, or disclose any information about our applicants to third parties, except as is required to conduct the regular business of application and payment processing.

To see our refund policy, check our Program Costs page.

To learn more about applying to the program, check out our application instructions.