PSP 2018 Forum

Note: This forum is for current students only. If you have a question, please email us (see contacts here.)

Whether you are interested in asking questions (like practical ones about your stay in Prague or tips about travel) or whether you´re dying to share an amazing place you found while exploring Prague or a poem you just discovered, this is a place to share it online with your fellow PSPers AWAY from social media. Since “asking questions” and “giving answers” is the definition of “discussing,” this can also be a place to continue and start discussions outside of the workshop and readings. It´s also an excellent place to organize museum and concert visits or mini-workshops.

So far, there are three categories of posts:

Practical Questions: This is for when you have practical questions about your existence in Prague which you think may be useful to other PSP students. It will be answered by the administrator, though if other students have an answer they can answer as well.

Looks at Books (and Poems): Named after an SNL skit from the 1970s (why not?), this category is for sharing tips or asking questions about what to read. We will also try to  post reading lists from workshops (i.e. what instructors recommend as examples of various techniques or styles.)

Tips on Trips: This is where you can share or ask about places to see in and around Prague. It can also be used to organize trips.

There is only one rule to the forum: No sharing of your own work for critique. This does not mean you should not share your work with each other in private – on the contrary, we encourage you to create mini-workshops – but please do not use this forum for that.

Thank you and enjoy!