The Prague Summer Program can arrange for two housing options for participants. The two housing venues offered this year are Hotel Otar and the Podolí dormitories. Both these venues are located in Prague 4 (the hotel is a ten minute walk to Vyšehrad park and the dormitories are close to the Kavčí Hory forest/park) and both within walking distance of all forms of municipal transportation. They are also both within walking distance of the workshops venue and there are affordable restaurants and small grocery stores very near. 


Hotel Otar                                             Podolí dormitories

daily breakfast                                      n/a

daily room service                               n/a

n/a                                                           kitchen (hotplate, sink, NO dishes, silverware, pots or pans, NO refrigerator)

private bathroom                                shared (“unisex”) showers and bathrooms, washbasin in each room 

wifi                                                         no wifi (we have two portable modems which can be used by 10 people at once and have a reach of about three rooms)

fresh towels provided                        bedding but NO towels                                                         

Price List

Single at Hotel Otar: $750 extra for the month

Shared Room at Hotel Otar: Included in tuition

Single at the dorm Block E: $400 tuition reduction 

Single at the dorm Block F (renovated, sink in room): $275 tuition reduction

Arrange your own accommodations: $750 tuition reduction

Note: Reduction is for a stay of 25 days, any nights outside of that are payed in full. 

Details of accommodations are based on what they were in 2020. We will let you know of any changes the hotel or dorm make to their accommodations as soon as we know them. 

Shared rooms at the hotel are only available if there are enough compatible participants who want to share rooms (in our experience, most opt for singles.) If an odd number of people want a double, there will be the option of creating a triple room for a slightly reduced rate for each. We pair roommates based on questionnaires. 

The cost of a single and a double at the dorm is the same (you pay per bed, not per room), which is why we do not offer a double, there. If you are traveling with someone, you can stay together at the dorm, but it would cost the same as if they got their own room. If the dorm changes its policy on this, we will let you know.