Places to See in Prague Part II: Keep Storming the Castle

by Director

Our last entry explored some interesting sights to see in Prague during your European study abroad program, and this post will continue with more suggestions for creative writers that really wish to interrogate the culture and architecture of the Czech Republic. There are simply too many beautiful, resonant, and intriguing locations in Prague to mention them all, but hopefully this list covers enough of the must-see historical locations to get you started.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is the most popular tourist attraction in Prague. If you are a creative writer studying abroad in Prague and you don’t go to the castle, we question your sanity. Built in 970 AD, the complex around the Prague Castle is collectively called Hradčany. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore! The PSP‘s guided tour of Prague, which all participants should attend at the beginning of the program, will cover the Castle but this is a place worth visiting twice. It would not be unreasonable to give yourself an entire day to explore the castle (don’t forget the Royal Garden!). Make sure you stick around town for nightfall; the castle’s lights are particularly beautiful in the evening, visible for miles along the river.

The National Gallery in Prague

If you wish to see a beautiful collection of Czech artworks, The National Gallery in Prague will keep you busy for hours. Czech artwork is an important part of what The National Gallery has to offer, though you’ll find a variety of works from across the globe, such as Asian art, European art from the Middle Ages, Baroque period art, and even ancient Greek and Roman works. The buildings of The National Gallery include the Veletrzní Palace, the Covent of St. Agnes of Bohemia, the Kinsky Palace, and the Sternberg Palace.

The Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is a real crowd pleaser, and the perfect spot for any animal lover. It is considered to be one of the best zoos in the world. The park has been opened since 1931, and it is the home of over 700 species of animal. If you need a nice, calm walk ripe with nostalgia, the zoo is perfect! And it’s a wonderful outing for children if you have little ones to attend.