Deadline for Fellowships and TAships: April 15th

Fellowship Recipients Announced: April 22nd  

No. of Fellowship Recipients: (up to) 6 | No. of TAs: 2-3 (one for each workshop) 

The Franz Kafka Fellowship: We offer these to writers with unique voices who happen to be from historically underrepresented demographics. The recipients of the Franz Kafka Fellowships will be responsible for paying only the cost of housing* and travel.

The Božena Němcová Fellowship: We offer these to mothers with minor children. The recipients of the Božena Němcová Fellowship will be responsible for paying for housing* and travel. The program will supply childcare for two minor children per recipient.

The Arnošt Lustig Fellowship: We offer these to promising writers in need. The recipients of the Arnošt Lustig Fellowship will be responsible for paying only the cost of travel. We will supply housing either at a double at the hotel or at the dorms.

The Václav Havel Fellowship: We offer these to outstanding writers who have not studied creative writing formally, particularly those who hold no degrees in the discipline. We will also consider applicants who have embarked on fulltime, long-term careers in other fields since having studied creative writing. The recipients of the Václav Havel Fellowships will be responsible for paying only the cost of housing* and travel.

*you may either arrange your own housing or we can arrange it for you at one of our housing venues (see housing page.)

Note: We would like to award six fellowships overall but the distribution will vary. We reserve the right not to award a certain fellowship on any given year should no suitable candidate apply.  

TAships: 2-3 participants (depending on the number of workshops) may become workshop assistants. This task mainly involves communicating with instructors about the workshop schedule and distributing workshop materials. TAs will receive a 600 USD stipend (think of it as a 500 CZK daily per dium, given in CZK cash upon arrival or as a tuition reduction.) The TAship may be combined with one of the fellowships, but we will give particular consideration to those who had not been awarded a fellowship.

To Apply for Fellowships

Please include a letter of motivation with your application, stating which fellowship(s) you are applying for and why. While brevity is usually a virtue in such letters, we will value all information you might give us, even if this means writing a long letter. Use your common sense regarding what information is relevant. We want to make an informed decision regarding the applicability of the fellowship to you, and about your need for financial aid. We will take you on your word, and require no documentation of income or other aspects of your circumstance.

To Apply for TAship

Please include a cover letter with your application stating any organizational/TA experience you have had. You may send a professional CV if you think it would help your case.

Note: If you are applying for both a Fellowship and a TAship, simply state so in your letter of motivation and include information relevant to both the TAship and the Fellowship..