Deadline for Scholarship and TAship Applications: April 15th

Scholarship Recipients Announced: April 22nd  

No. of Scholarship Recipients: (up to) 6 | No. of TAs: 1-2 (one for each workshop) 

The Prague Summer Program offers Arnošt Lustig Scholarships, $500 to $1000 reductions in the cost of the program, to applicants who submit, in addition to the application form, a brief statement as to need. This statement should be no more than one or two paragraphs. The scholarship request will be evaluated regarding the quality of the work submitted with the application as well as regarding the persuasiveness of the statement of need. The Prague Summer Program will offer a maximum of six Arnošt Lustig Scholarships.

The Prague Summer Program offers two, possibly three $1,500 teaching assistantships. This may be in addition to an Arnošt Lustig Scholarship. The duties of a TAship are minimal. Some teaching experience, or other organizational experience, will be favored.