Here is a selection of recordings of past PSP lectures, readings, and other events.

Robert Eversz Talks Origins of the Prague Summer Program and Gives Reading (July 2022, Shakespeare and Sons, Prague)
Hana Ulmanová: Lecture of the Reception on American Literature in the Czech Republic Before and After 1989 (July 2022, University of Creative Communication, Prague)
Silva Fischerová and Deborah Garfinkle talk Translation (July 2022, Shakespeare and Sons, Prague)
Zoom reading at Světozor Cinema with Stuart Dybek and Patricia Hampl (July 2022, Prague)
Special Event: The PSP Co-Organised a lecture by young Ukrainian artists Darja Lukjanenko on Ukrainian art during the 2022 war in Ukraine (July 2022, Bartolomějská 13, Prague)
Lecture by Petr Bílek: “How Does it Feel to Be on Your Own?”: Contemporary Czech Writers in the Territory of Minor Literature Recorded in July, 2021, at the School of Creative Communication (ŠŠK) in Prague
Hana Zaharadníková and Mike Baugh discuss translating from Czech (recorded July 2021 at the Shakespeare and Sons Bookshop in Prague)
Online event w/ (alphabetically) Mark Baker, Helen Epstein, Robert Eversz, Patricia Hamp, Richard Katrovas, Dominika Winterová, Hana Zahradníková. Moderated by Ema Katrovas