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To clarify: “American style” just means cafés which cater to people who want to work. Most cafés such as this are not near the hotel but in the center (though easy to get to).

The habit of working in cafés is becoming more common in Prague, like many things from the West, but cafés are still mostly places to meet people and talk. Interestingly, there is one parallel between the cultural status of American cafés and Czech cafés: “Pražská kavárna” (Prague Café) is a euphemism for liberal intellectuals – except it is a place where they talk and debate, not where they work.
I have selected just a couple places for now – there are many, many more in the center. If you find some other place that you like, let everyone know in the comments!

Near the hotel:

Café Trieste: This is an Italian-style café which has Internet and is usually not too crowded to work. If you turn left from the school and keep going straight for about five minutes, you can’t miss it.

Address: Na Pankráci 16


Ta Kavárna: Small café just up the steps from the Inos hotel. Cozy atmosphere and usually not crowded. Only open on some days in the summer – see website! It is run for Jedličkův ústav by young people with disabilities.

Address: Na Topolce 1b


In the Center or Farther from Hotel:
Cafedu: This is not just a café, but also a study-room. This place comes highly recommended by students in Prague. It is located in walking distance of the I.P. Pavlova metro stop (one stop from Vyšehrad.)

Address: Škrétova 12, Prague 2


Café Ebel: Excellent coffee, excellent drinks, great deserts, and a beautiful interior in the heart of Old Town. Be sure to go to the address on Řetězová street, as that is the location which caters to people working. Just pop on the 17 tram and get off at Staroměstká. Be sure to check the map before hand – the walk from the tram stop is short but winding.

Address: Řetězová 9, Prague 1


The Globe Bookstore: This is a coffee shop which caters to the English-speaking (mostly American) ex-pat community. On their website, they also boast being “the largest English-language bookshop in Prague.” Last time I checked, Shakespeare and Sons was better but it may be they have expanded. In any case, if there is a book you cannot find at Shakespeare and Sons you can always look here. You can find it just up the street from the Jiráskovo náměstí tram stop, three stops from the hotel. 

Address: Pštrossova 6


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