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Hello PSPers,
a friend of mine recently alerted me to a YouTube channel created by Czechs for visitors to Prague. While the videos may seem a bit glib and overly American at first, as a Praguer, I can say the guide is quite a savvy intro to visiting Prague. The guide, Janek Rubeš, speaks excellent English. Here are a few selected videos:
Prague prices (in Euros)
How to eat Czech food in the city center for under 100 crowns (about 5 USD).
Tourist traps to avoid.
Changing money on the street. (We recommend you avoid changing money on the street completey but there are a few places that are fairly honest.)
Public transportation around Prague in the day and at night (note that we will provide you with a ticket for the month so you do not have to buy tickets like the guide says in the video) 
Taxi ripoffs (this episode is part of a rather sensationalist series on Prague ripoffs – we´re sure you´ll be fine as long as you are not too credulous.)
Seeing Prague without tourists.
These are a couple videos that I can approve. There are other videos in this series that I think are a bit shallow and simplistic and, frankly, a bit too Western but they are all worth watching to one degree or another.
Ema K.

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