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As you get your bearings in the first week, and even as you explore farther into the city, here are a couple places not to miss around the hotel:
Na Hradbách: A beer garden in Vyšehrad park which, besides having excellent and, of course, cheep, beer on tap, features a wonderful Balkan-style grill. You will find it just up the slope to the right of the Rotunda of St. Martin.
Address: V Pevnosti 2
Kavčí hory: If you would like a quiet place to work out in nature and away from the city, you will certainly find your nook in this large forest-like park – property of, but not at all surveilled by, the Czech Television company – just a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel. There is – surprise! – a beer garden, here, which also serves food but a trip to this park is well worth it even without the extra expense. See map here.
The Saturday Market on the River: This is not just a market – it is an event. Every Saturday, half of Prague seems to flock to the banks of the river between the Výtoň and Palackého náměstí tram stop to shop for fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, milk products and anything else a farmer may have to offer. You can, in fact, have a full meal, here. There is also a flea market. Tip: If you want to taste real Czech bread (a national food, of sorts) buy a quarter of Opatovský chléb (only fifteen crowns), usually located at the far end of the market, closer to Palackého náměstí.
Podolka Restaurant: A health-conscious and very popular restaurant with a beautiful view of the river, a great vegetarian selection and excellent home-made drinks. Its tucked away across the street from the Podolská vodárna tram stop.
Address: Podolské nábřeží, přistav 1
Pečivo od srdce: A small organic store on Brabcova street (on your right as you walk up the hill to school) which sells not only delicious pastries but also excellent coffee to go. Note: They were closed this week but open again on Monday!
Adress: Brabcova 2 

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