Two Ways to Fund Study Abroad

by Director

Study abroad can be very expensive. The cost of plane tickets alone can be an unwelcomed source of anxiety, and even if you do spend an entire year saving up for a summer study abroad program, you might feel like the costs are way outside of your budget. Don’t give up! You’re a creative writer, so get creative. Here are a couple tips that will help you fund your European study abroad program while playing to your strengths as a creative writer.

Apply for Grants and Scholarships Through Your School

If you are attending a university or community college, speak to an academic advisor about your plans. They will be able to give you some solid information about any funding that is available through your school. If you do plan on pursuing funding through an academic institution, they will likely expect a letter that addresses some concerns your college or university might have. Why would you like to go? How will this school’s academic communities benefit from your European study abroad? Be ready to review your school’s requirements for funding, investigate the costs of your upcoming program, and fill out a formal application that will likely ask for a breakdown of anticipated costs.

Use GoFundMe, or Any Fundraising Website

Fundraising websites are an excellent idea. You can achieve your study abroad dreams without taking on the intimidating financial costs alone. Fundraising websites such as YouCaring, GoEnnounce, GoFundMe, or GoGetFunding are fantastic for collecting the financial backing you might need to make a study abroad program financially possible. Here are a few things to remember as you consider using a fundraising website:

  • The key is writing an honest, interesting, and engaging call to action for potential donors.
  • Keep in mind your fundraising website audiences might have some of the same concerns as your academic audience. Why should they care about your desire to travel? What will this cost, and where is the money going? Be specific.
  • You might receive donations from friends and family if your GoFundMe explores how you will benefit from this experience, but if you want to cast a wider net, be sure to address how your local communities will benefit from your experiences.
  • Once you have completed your fundraising website, share it on as many social media outlets as possible.