Header Image - Welcome to the Prague Summer Program for Writers

Deadline for Applications: April 11, 2017

Affiliated for its first nine years with the University of New Orleans, and for the next eleven with Western Michigan University, the Prague Summer Program is now an independent LLC.

Over the twenty-three years of its existence, the Prague Summer Program attracted between eighty and more than a hundred participants during most cycles. In 2017, we will limit the size of the program to only thity or fewer, and as such will be more selective.







The 2017 Prague Summer Program (PSP) will run from July 1 to July 25. Students and faculty will arrive at the Hotel Inos on Saturday, July 1. There will be an orientation dinner on Sunday evening, July 2. There will a walking tour and further orientation on Monday and Tuesday, and the first workshops will begin on Wednesday, July 5, and the second on Thursday, July 6. Subsequent workshops, all on the Anglo-American University campus, will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of the next two weeks. Workshops will run from 9:30 to noon. In addition to workshops, students will have lunch and/or dinner manuscript conferences (at the program’s expense) with PSP’s illustrious faculty.  There will be literary walking tours, readings (faculty and student), concerts, and at least one weekend excursion.