The New Prague Summer Program for Writers, 2015

Deadline for Applications: April 26, 2015

Affiliated for its first nine years with the University of New Orleans and for the past eleven with Western Michigan University, the Prague Summer Program is now an independent LLC. Our mission is to deliver quality mentoring to creative writers at all levels, while celebrating the history and culture of one of Europe’s oldest, most beautiful, and least expensive cities.

Over the twenty-one years of its existence, the Prague Summer Program attracted eighty to more than a hundred participants most cycles. In 2015, we will limit the size of the program to only forty or fewer, and as such will be more selective.

Our point will not be to accept only the “best” or more advanced writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. We will seek to gather a community of advanced writers who have already begun to publish, graduate-student and advanced undergraduate writers who are still in the midst of their apprenticeships, and neophyte writers who are just beginning their apprenticeships but who, though raw, show promise. We will attempt to gather approximately a third each of advanced, intermediate, and beginning writers. An applicant needn’t announce himself or herself to be at a particular level. We will make that judgment. We also offer Vaclav Havel Scholarships of $1,000 to worthy candidates at each level, and it should be noted that the Prague Summer Program is priced well below other study-abroad programs.







Program Structure

The 2015 Prague Summer Program (PSP) will run from June 27 to July 23. Participants and faculty will arrive at the Inos Hotel on Saturday, June 27, and there will be an orientation meeting followed by an opening dinner on Sunday, June 28. There will be walking tours on both Saturday and Sunday of that first week. Workshops will begin on Monday, June 29.

For the first two weeks, workshops will take place from 9:39 to 12:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Anglo-American University. The second two weeks of the program, students will work independently, and have manuscript conferences with the program director, and with two of the PSP’s illustrious permanent faculty.

There will be faculty and student readings one or two evenings per week at the U.S. Embassy’s American Center.

The new Prague Summer Program has been designed to give writers more time to write, explore the city, and to travel on long weekends.

Program Price

$4,200 (Includes housing and breakfast, travel pass, opening and closing dinners, all conference lunches and dinners, walking tours and out-of-Prague excursions.)

If one is offered a Vaclav Havel Scholarship, the program cost is $3,200, or $2,700 if one is offered one of the three $1,500 scholarships.