Our 25th anniversary session runs from

Saturday, June 30th to Monday, July 23rd, 2018.

Deadline for Applications: March 30th, 2018

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Why is the Prague Summer Program the World’s Best Residency for Writers?

  • Beginning in 1993, the PSP was the first study-abroad program for writers; we’ve learned how to blend creative writing and culture studies in a way that enhances the creative process.
  • The PSP is tethered to one of the world’s safest, most beautiful, most culturally rich cities.
  • The PSP is the best organized program of its kind in the world.
  • The PSP is the least expensive program of its kind in the world.
  • The PSP works with home institutions in the granting of academic credit.
  • No one is invited to join the PSP whose work doesn’t show promise.
  • The PSP mentors strike a balance between honesty and compassion.
  • The PSP offers significant financial assistance in the form of partial scholarships.
  • The PSP honors all aesthetic and philosophical points of view that are compassionate and life-affirming.

PSP Faculty 2018

Stuart Dybek (workshop, conferences)

Jaimy Gordon (workshop, conferences)

Patricia Hampl (workshop, conferences)

Richard Katrovas (workshop, conferences)

Joshua Mensch (conferences)

Justin Quinn (conferences)

New: To celebrate our 25th anniversary session, we will launch our very own online zine which will consolidate the works of our students and faculty. We will post more information throughout March!

A note from the program director, Richard Katrovas:

“You’re reading this because you’re a writer, and you want to spend quality time over the summer, in the midst of other committed writers, concentrating on your work. You’ve likely heard of the Prague Summer Program, that it’s the oldest, most venerable study-abroad program for writers in the world. Perhaps you’ve heard that, over its quarter-century of existence, nearly two thousand aspiring and established writers have attended the Prague Summer Program. Perhaps you’ve heard, too, that some of the most important writers working in the English language have served as Prague Summer Program mentors, and that dozens and dozens of books have been published by writers who’ve attended the Prague Summer Program, and that many stories, poems and essays by Prague Summer Program alumni have appeared in the most important journals, magazines and anthologies in the English-speaking world.

What you may not have heard is that the reason for the Prague Summer Program existing extends well beyond educational tourism, is grounded in the unique literary history of a tiny nation in the heart of Europe, a nation defined by a beautiful and complex Slavic language that only ten million people speak and that nonetheless has given the world numerous literary giants whose greatest works have been translated expertly into English.

The Prague Spring was the nexus of Eastern-Bloc dissidence and Western counterculture; it was one of the most beautiful moments in modern cultural, and political, history. Celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary in 2018, we also celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Prague Spring, a dynamic movement led by writers, such as Václav Havel, who spoke truth to power and bound America’s counterculture to the dissident culture behind the Iron Curtain. The Prague Summer Program exists as a tribute both to the Prague Spring of 1968 and the Velvet Revolution of 1989.” 

Protesters place flowers in the shields of armed police during the revolution of 1989, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Protesters place flowers in the shields of armed police during the revolution of 1989, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Affiliated for its first nine years with the University of New Orleans, and for the next eleven with Western Michigan University, the Prague Summer Program for Writers is now an independent LLC. Over the quarter century of its existence, the PSP attracted between eighty and a hundred and fifty participants during most cycles. In 2018, we will limit the size of the program to only forty or fewer.

To learn more about the program structure, fees, our faculty, and the application process, visit our Program Info page. Learn about Academic Credit here. To learn more about our yoga and shamanism component, visit Yoga and Shamanism.